Make It Monday- Patriotic Popcorn

I am really looking all the patriotic holidays coming up.  Memorial Day is a huge celebration in our town- a parade, fireworks and lots of fun pool parties thanks to the amazing southern California weather.  I am just so thankful to live in this incredible country.

So, I just had to pull out my fun party popcorn recipe and whip up something for these events coming up.  Patriotic Popcorn is just the thing- colorful, yummy and easy to make.  This is a simple variation on Bunny Bait and Leprechaun Lunch and uses the same directions found here except I added red nonpariels, star confetti and red m&m’s.

Package it in a cute for for a party like the above picture or in individual containers for gifts to give to family, friends and especially to those serving our country!



To print the tags, right click on the image below and save to your computer.  Open and print on your color copier.
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Off to another great week!


  1. says

    You are always so creative, I love it! Please send me the tag, thank you! I am going to try a version similar to your “bunny bait” with pretzels in it

  2. Anonymous says

    Hi!!! I am a follower of your blog, pinterest & fb. I would love to have these cute tags!!! Thanks!

  3. says

    Love this!!! I’d love the tags for this!!

    The BunnyBait was a HUGE hit at Easter!!! Some of my partner intervention teachers that were parttime..that was their last week and I made some for each of them as a going away treat.

    I do have one question tho…WHERE do you get your red MnM’s??? I know of 3 stores here that sell them by color but they are $10-$12 PER POUND!!! Yikes. Thanks:)

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi – I would love to have the tags for our community 4th of July fireworks get-together. The Patriotic popcorn mix will be perfect! Thanks for sharing. I follow you thru e-mail.
    Kate @

  5. says

    Love your pix, recipe, tags and everything about this. Can’t wait to make some…I am thinking about doing it for a party at the end of May :)

  6. Anonymous says

    I would love these tags. I too am a Patriotic Holiday fanatic. Love, love, love these hoilidays. Where do you get your star confetti? I have never seen any around.

  7. Anonymous says

    Oh my gosh, too cute! The bunny bait was a huge hit in my daughter’s preschool class. Please send me the tags for this. I can’t wait! Thank you so much!!!


  8. says

    Your popcorn is so festive and I’m sure it’s very yummy! I love all the patriotic packaging you’ve done too! So fun!!!

  9. says

    I am following you now on Facebook and have subscribed to your blog.
    Can you please send the link to your tags :o)?

  10. says

    I really like what I see of your blog. Keep up the neat work. Allot of people benefit from it:) <3
    I would love to have some of your 4th of July Tags. I know just who I’ll give them to

  11. Anonymous says

    We have a good old fashion parade on our small street each year with a grand Marshall, kids on bikes and in wagons, everyone dressed in their red, white and blue. Everyone brings their favorite BBQ food, we fix hot dogs, etc. This will be a great addition and the kids (and adults) will love it. Please send me the printables. Thank you for not making us go to facebook, not my thing.
    Thanks, Kris

  12. says

    What a great idea works for adults and kids who can pass up chocolate covered popcorn and M&Ms. I would love to have a copy of the labels also. Ive followed your blog and cant wait to see what ideas you have next. Thanks for sharing

  13. says

    i wouldn’t miss a blog post! i already subscribe and follow you on FB. i would love to have your printables to go with that yummy popcorn! thank you so much.

    ps. did you post about cinnamon bears and chocolate about a month ago?

  14. Anonymous says

    I really like the patriot tags, like you on FB, follow you on pinterest and subscribe to your blog

    Again, Big Fan:)

  15. Anonymous says

    I love to decorate for holidays, and the summer trio is one of my favorites!!! I just found you and signed up to follow you….thanks! I’d love to have the tags for the RWB popcorn; just in time for our Memorial Day get together! Thank you again :P My email is:

  16. Melanie says

    Would love these tags! Also sent a request for the end of the year tags “Hope your summer Rocks” and “Have a ball this summer”. Thank you so much. Love your ideas!


  17. Anonymous says

    Love love love your ideas and look forward to receiving them via my e mail,,, I would love the printables for Memorial day goodies and popcorn!!

  18. Anonymous says

    Hi Jenny, I follow you where ever I can find you! Pin you much to my friends enjoyment. I would love to add the tags for the 4th to my Jenny collection. Now all I have to do is figure out a way to remove myself from the computer to try everything I’ve saved!

  19. says

    I followed your blog. However, I do not have a facebook account to follow you and I dont keep a blog. I know I know! :) I just like looking at everyone else’s awesome ideas. I would still love to get your downloads. They are too cute!

    Thank you!

  20. karen says

    Thanks so much for all your creativity and sharing!
    I, too, would also LOVE the tags please,I just subscribed to your blog and I am going to follow you on Pinterest(which is now my new obsession) Thanks again.

  21. says

    I would also love all your tags and labels. We are a retired military family and I think these would make great gifts. Thank you again for your kindness of sharing with others. I follow this blog, your facebook and am also now hooked on pinterest. God Bless. mrs. Valerie.

  22. says

    Love the tags!! Super cute and must for the 4th of July down here in the USA! Liked you on FB and follow you on pinterest! Love your blog too!!!

  23. Anonymous says

    This is the BEST idea! I have little popcorn boxes (from Oriental Trading Co) and will put this in them for party favors on the 4th. Thanks in advance for the tags.

  24. Susan says

    I would love to have your tags for our 4th of July family reunion. Love your ideas.

  25. says

    Can’t wait to use all your patriotic decorations and ideas! My husband is having an Olympic Themed birthday party so these will be a big help to me.


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