Chili Under the Oaks

Happy Friday- I wanted to highlight this Chili Under the Oaks Party that my hubby and I hosted few years ago.  It remains one of my favorites and I am always surprised at how often it is pinned.  It was an adult only event and rustic outdoor setting combined with pretty tablescapes and lots of twinkle lighting created a relaxing but almost magical  mood.  I said when I first shared this party that I would do it as an annual event as soon as we finish remodeling our house and I am SO EXCITED to finally be planning another one for this year.  While I have some fun new ideas that I want to incorporate, lots of things will remain the same.
I plan on keeping the decorations and printables simple (black, white and natural). Since fall has so many amazing vibrant colors, I kept my invitation and other printables very neutral using simple black font on white paper backed with a natural kraft paper. This time I plan on adding some pops of fall color.  I still want the party to focus on what’s important in life- family, friends and great gatherings.  Dinner will remain the same and is prepared mostly in advanced allowing me time to be with my guests- chili bar complete with baked potatoes and all the fixings and salad.  Desserts will feature some of the same fall flavors but lots of plans there… The s’mores bar is definitely a must though!   Enjoy.   I hope you get lots of ideas for you fall celebrations.
It was a super fun night…so many nice memories of my friends…CAn’t wait for part 2 this year.  Have a great long weekend!

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