Snicker Ice Cream Sauce

Snicker Ice Cream Sauce Snicker Ice Cream Sauce

Hey Everyone!  Are you melting?  Summer is the perfect time for this dessert- ice cream completely pumped up. This Snicker Ice Cream Sauce will definitely make you’re life a little sweeter.   It’s sauce is so rich and indulgent.  It just coats your mouth with sweet joy.  With just three ingredient and less than time minutes of your time, the reward is worth it.

Snicker Ice Cream Sauce

HINT!!!  This sauce would make a great hostess gift or little treat for friends.  Simply package it in a mason jar and attach a cute tag with instruction to gently warm.  I was planning on doing that but my family got to it before I was able to. You can buy the bars in bulk here.

Snicker Ice Cream Sauce


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Snicker Sauce
Easy to make ice cream topping
  • about 15 snack size Snickers Bars cut in half
  • ⅔ cup cream
  • ½ cup dark chocolate chips
  1. Over low heat, warm cream in a small pot. Add Snickers Bars and chocolate chips. Stir until chocolate has melted and sauce is smooth. Pour a little over ice cream and serve immediately.

Snicker Ice Cream Sauce


OR, pour a lot.  One bite and I bet you want more. Snicker Ice Cream Sauce


Still plenty of time to teach your kids to pick the Snickers out of the candy bowls.




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  1. Nanette says

    Yum! Do you think I could use semi-sweet chocolate morsels? Not a big fan of dark chocolate. Thanks!

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