Back To School Lunch Printables

Back To School Lunch Printables  Back To School Lunch Printables

Hi Everyone- I honestly can’t come to terms with summer coming to an end.  We have had summer school for six weeks and tournament team baseball just ended this past weekend.  Trying to fit a whole year of summer into the final three weeks will be challenging.  My kids seem up for it and seeing photos of some of your kids already in school has made us a little more grateful for the time.

 Back To School Lunch Printables

 Back To School Lunch Printables

 Back To School Lunch Printables

I have had so many request for my  Back To School Lunch Printables from last year, that I thought I’d share again.  I think it’s fun to send the kids off on their first day with a special lunch even if the things inside are store-bought.  This lunch is filled with an apple-shaped sandwich cut with a cookie cutter, chips, store-bought cookies repackaged, a juice box and an apple.

 Back To School Lunch Printables

I’ve included a mini you’re the apple of my eye card and packed it all up in an adorable gable box available here.  If you would rather use a paper bag the printables include a tag for that.

 Back To School Lunch Printables

To get the free download:


Just ordered back packs and now off to back to school shopping!




  1. Jody Jardes says

    Sooo excited for the back to school printables – I’m using them for ‘big’ kids! Thanks so much!

  2. Jackie Augustin says

    I follow you on Facebook & via email feed. I love your ideas! This will make an adorable lunch for my son on his first day of kindergarten!

  3. Connie Breon says

    I would LOVE to have this free printable. So cute!! I follow you on FB and am going to pinterest to follow you also.
    Thank you so much :)

  4. says

    I follow Bloom via email, apparently twice b/c I get everything doubled from your sight.
    hee hee : ) …would love the printables!!

  5. Katherine Marshall says

    I follow bloom via email. I totally love your site.
    Printables are darling and would love to have them: )

  6. LouAnn Kingsbury says

    I follow Bloom Designs through my email account. These printable are adorable (maybe it is the “former teacher” in me!)

  7. Alison Morales says

    I love all of your printables! I follow you on Facebook and by email! Thanks for offering this great freebee! I can’t wait to use them for my son’s first preschool lunch this year! Thank you!

  8. Sandra Hasty says

    I follow everywhere (oooh I sound stalkerish) may I pretty please get a copy. thehastys at sbcglobal dot net

  9. Bridgett says

    Hi Jenny! I follow bloom designs on Pinterest and subscribe to your blog. Love everything you post. Your Etsy shop is on of my favorites!!!! I would love this set of printables! Thanks!!!!

  10. says

    I follow you through FB because I’m always on there. This is adorable!!!! I’m so excites to use this — my baby girl is going to start kindergarten this year and I want her to feel extra special and loved on her first day and first lunch at school!

  11. Stephanie Marshall says

    Love your lunch box printable set! Thank you so much for making it available! I am now following you via email and look forward to seeing your future projects!

  12. Melissa says

    Your printables are darling!!! Love the lunchbox set to make my daughter’s first day at kindergarten special! Following you by pinterest.

  13. Eva garcia says

    I love all your ideas and use them with the principals that I supervise. They use them with their staff.

  14. Eva Garcia says

    I follow you on instagram and email . I would love a copy of theseback to school printables. It is that time of the year! THANK YOU11


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