I Dig You

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 i dig you

Ready for our first Valentine’s idea of 2014.  I actually came up with “I Dig You ” gummy worms in early 2013, but I already had a full Valentine’s blogging schedule. I have had to wait a whole year to share it. I love this Valentine’s sentiment because it is loving without being overly sentimental. It works great for boys.  I think a big majority of Valentine’s ideas are geared towards girls so I’m always on the hunt for a Valentine that my little guy can give his classmate. The bright almost neon colors are also a great alternative to traditional Valentine colors.

 i dig you valentine

I personally love the worms in our  little plastic tubes.  I think they look like science specimens but they are just as cute in cellophane bags.  Tubes can be found here.  Tags for both types of packaging can be found here.   If you are using the printable as tag, not toppers, simply cut off the top half.

I sure dig all of you!  I hope that all my friends in the east are snuggled in!




  1. Renee says

    What a cute idea. I think adding one of those mini fishing poles would make it super cute. I made a similar valentine for my now teenaged daughter several years ago based on a craft from Family fun magazine using an “I Dig You” tag attached to a cellophane wrapped bag of treats and a plastic shovel. It was adorable. Thank you for this idea. I enjoy your blog very much.

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