Boo Sign


We are getting ready for one of our family’s favorite traditions!  My kids love to “Boo” their friends. Every year I go to Target and buy a bunch of Halloween items.  I let the kids each choose one friend and they put together their own Boo Bag or Boo Bucket using the items I that bought.  This year we our putting our Boo goodies in these white metal buckets that I got in the dollar bin.  The word boo is made with extra large stickers that I purchased at Michaels.  Then each October 1st, we sneak the items to our friends’ houses.  It is a great way for your kids to do something nice for something without expecting anything in return.  Of course, my Boo Sign features my favorite little Halloween spider.


To download the Boo Sign, click here.

A quick printing tip! It is often hard for home printers to print a large area of color well and it eats up a lot of your ink.  Instead, have these printed for pennies in black and white at your local copy center. boo sign

To grab last year’s Witch’s Boo Sign in orange or green is still available.  Just click here.

Get booing!






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