Holiday Sparkle


Honestly, what are the holidays without a little sparkle?  There is no better time to add a little shine and sparkle to your life than the holidays.  Use these fun “Hope Your Holidays Sparkle” tags available in two colors to add a little pizzazz to you celebrations.  In the photo above, we wrapped a box of sparklers with a sheet of scrapbook paper cut to size and then attach the tag.  These would make great party favors all throughout December.


The tags also work great with glittered or sparkly gift wrap.  Here we used a glittered Chinese take out box and our pink tags.


I am attaching mine to individual 24 inch sparklers (which you can order online) that I am handing out to some young party goers on New Year’s Eve.  Did you know you can paint sparklers to match your color theme?  I spray painted these gold. They are such a fun way to kick off the new year!

christmas sprakle


These tags are available in pink or gold.  To download your tag, click here and print on card stock using a colored printer.

How do you add a little sparkle to your holidays?  Leave a comment letting me know.




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    Rozey Parker says

    Is there a trick to getting your downloads to load? I can’t get anything from your google docs to load. :(


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