Bunny Kisses

bunny kisses

Hi Everyone.  I am to share these sweet little Bunny Kisses with you.  Everyone knows what a bunny kiss is, right?  It’s when you rub noses with someone you love.  When my kids were little, they always loved doing bunny kisses with me and each other.  It would make them laugh so hard.  I thought I would be a great surprise them with a tasty version of Bunny Kisses on Easter.  I hope they bring back some special memories. These treats make great gifts for friends, neighbors and classmate and are the perfect party favor.

bunny kisses

To make:

Download the free kiss circles and tag or toppers by clicking here.

Print the circles on full sticker sheets.  Punch out using a 1 inch or 3/4 inch punch found at most craft stores or online.  I used a one inch punch so there would be a white border around the edge.  Peel sticker and attach to a Kiss.  Fill a 3.5 inch cellophane bag or  any little container with your Kisses.  The one I used can be found here.

bunny kisses


bunny kisses

I am actually totally in love with this french blue and hot pink color scheme.  Don’t you think it would be great for an Easter Party?





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    These are too cute! Love them!

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