Turkey Hunt

What better game on Thanksgiving then a Turkey Hunt?  I love doing scavenger hunts on holidays and
at parties.  They are great for kids of all ages.  Download the game card and pieces here.

Happy hunting.


  1. Anonymous says

    Oh, so perfect for a hunt at the grand parents in Black Forest! I would love a copy of this, thanks soooo much Jenni!

  2. BobbiH says

    My granddaughter is going to love the Turkey Hunt on Thanksgiving Day! Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Thanksgiving! Bobbi

  3. Maritza says

    Hello! First off, you are so creative and thank you for sharing your printables! I was trying to download this turkey hunt and was unable to. It says that is is no longer available? Can you email it to me? Thank you in advance.

  4. sHAWNA says

    I love this idea!! When I attempted to download this printable, however, it indicated that it couldn’t be found. Would there be any possibility I could get you to email me a copy for our little kiddos?! Please :)


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