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I can’t believe that we only have a handful of weeks of school left.  I think I’m more excited for summer than my kids, actually.  Love those lazy days of sun and late mornings.  Anyways, this is the perfect time to honor the teachers in your life.  I used to be an elementary teacher before I had children and believe me, it is such a difficult job.  I thought a few minor tweaks on the alphabet word art that I shared would be the for Valentine’s Day would make the perfect printable to show teachers how much we love and appreciate them.

Print as an 8×10 and pop in a pretty frame or
print them as note cards on card stock,
cut them out and fold into cards,
add 3 1/2 x 5 envelopes available at paper source
and you have a great little thank you gift!
This file available for download here.
Have an amazing weekend!


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    Hi! I just became a follower. I would love a copy of this printable, and would love to be able to share it on my blog too if you don’t mind.


  2. 25


    Love this printable! I would like to give it to my son’s teacher. Please send file to: kelliecrawfordsmith at gmail dot com Many Thanks :)

  3. 32

    Anonymous says

    I love this printable! Perfect timing in fact I am gearing up for teacher appreciation week and this would be great to give to my girls’ teachers. Very creative!
    Can you email me this print? I am at girasol1000@yahoo.com.
    I have the valentine one you did and I framed that one.
    Thanks so much!!!

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    Anonymous says

    Lovely printable! I would greatly apreciate it if you could send a copy my way please. MaryCronin18@yahoo.com and thank you. I hope I followed your instructions correnctly – it said to follow you – not sure if it meant on Pinterest or FB but I doing both now. Thanks again!

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    Holy Hannah Jenny … these are ‘A’dorable … our oldest daughter is a kingergarten teacher … please share printable with me :) Also, do you by chance have any printables for administrative assistant week? It is this next week OR is there one that is adaptable that you have already shared? You are the best! I will also looking for the bright red gumballs … they are gumballs, right? xo THANK U!!!!!!

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    I’m a teacher and would love to make some much needed gifts for some fellow colleagues; can I PLEASE have copy of this printable. BTW…I follow your blog and liked you on Facebook.

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    MomInRI says

    I follow you on FB all the time, almost like a stalker lol! Whenever I need an idea for something you always have one. Not to sound dumb, but never used Pinterest….What do I have to do? It looks like you have alot on there as well just don’t know how to get it. Please have pity on me.
    Lynn D
    Rhode Island

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    HI! I love this printable. May I please have a download? I think this would be a great way to say thank you to my son’s preschool teachers at graduation in a few weeks!

    I am a follower of Bloom on Pinterest and of the blog :)

    katilee at hotmail

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    Anonymous says

    Too Cute!!! I’m glad that I found you through Tip Junkie!! I’m now following you via email and pinterest, and I “liked” you on facebook!! Love the notecard idea!! Thanks so much for sharing. ginger1@bellsouth.net

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    Anonymous says

    Just followed by email and just love what you have shared here -cute stuff! Would love the Teacher Appreciation printable – thanks so much!

  11. 161


    So simple and sooooo cute. I would love if you shared it with my readers on my link party. Show Off Mondays @ Kampenlane.com

    Can’t wait to see what you create next


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    Anonymous says

    This is the cutest teacher card ever! I am a mom and former teacher, and this would be perfect for my daughter’s current teacher. Please send printable to mbacksen@yahoo.com. Sorry~I’m not on Facebook or Pinterest.

  13. 189


    How precious!!! Love the printable. Became a follower via GFC once I found you via Pinterest.

    sweetbabycakedesigns at gmail dot com

  14. 208


    I’m so glad I saw this on pinterest–I’m a new follower and I added you to my blogroll so my friends can find you, too! I would love the printable…thank you. :)

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    Jen B says

    I just found your site, and I love it! Your printable is adorable, and I would love a copy. As a mom to 3 boys and an elementary teacher myself, we will definitely use it! brunniac@aol.com
    THANK YOU!!!

  16. 235


    Just discovered your blog – you are so very creative. I would love a copy of the teacher appreciation printable! My girls teachers would really enjoy it as part of their teacher appreciation gift this year:)

  17. 249

    Jenny P. says

    I just found your blog today and am loving all of your things! I cannot wait to look at previous posts and see all of your ideas. Thank you for sharing! I would love to print up the subway art and give to my daughter’s teacher and also for my own classroom. Thank you!
    Jenny P. jtpoche@rtconline.com

  18. 256


    This is so adorable! I think it will be perfect for my daughter’s kindergarten teacher. Thanks for sending the printable! :)


  19. 273

    Anonymous says

    Hey! Love this printable and would love to have it…PLEASE! :) My email is twingurl1278@msn.com. I am following you on pinterest and liked you on FB and I love some of your ideas already! Thanks for this and hope you have a blessed day!

    Jenn Perry

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    Ashley H. says

    Thanks for offering this adorable teacher appreciation gift! On behalf of all the busy moms who aren;t nearly as creative as you, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! This saved me a lot of time…I appreciate it more than you know :) I have signed up to receive your blog posts, followed you on Pinterest and Liked you on Facebook!

  21. 326

    Anonymous says

    Hi, I am your newest follower! Such a cute idea! Can you please send it to me?



  22. 347


    How have I not found your blog before today? This is too cute. As a teacher myself – I can’t wait to get this:) This would make a perfect back to school grade level gift. Thanks for sharing!!!

  23. 348

    Anonymous says

    I just signed up to follow your adorable, cute, inspiring blog via e-mail! I would love to be e-mailed a copy of the teacher printable. Thank you for sharing.


  24. 365

    Anonymous says

    I would love a copy of (steffimichel@yahoo.com).
    thank you!
    do you also give out the Valentine’s version?

  25. 369


    Just started following you via e-mail (Feedburner). I would *love* that printable for end of year gifts! Awesome!

  26. 373

    Anonymous says

    Super duper glad I found you! I now follow you, and would like to please, please,puhh-leeeeeze get a copy of this file.

    Have a great weekend!


  27. 383


    Thank you so much for sharing this printable abc. I am sure my grandchildren will appreciate it to give to their teachers. I have now subscibed to your blog as well as pinterst and will follow you on facebook.

    Kindest regards

  28. 410


    Just found you and started following. Was looking for something I could frame and give to my sons new Kidergarten teacher. This is great. I would LOVE a copy!! Thanks!!

  29. 461

    Jaime says

    What a cute idea!!

    Unfortunately, it looks like the file has been deleted from the scribd site. Is it available anywhere else for download?

    Might be worth updating this post with current info, since it looks like it’s pretty popular.

  30. 462

    Casi says

    Your designs are absolutely adorable. Everything is so tastefully done and cute! The teacher alphabet printable is no longer available. Can it be downloaded anywhere else? Thanks!

  31. 464

    Jennifer Colebrook says

    Hi Jenny-

    I am absolutely in love with your Alphabet Printable for teachers. I was wondering if there was anyway you would email it to me.
    Thank you so very much.

    Jen C


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