Christmas Cookie Kit


Hi Everyone! One of my family’s favorite activities each Christmas is cookie decorating. I always bake a bunch of cookies and we decorate them for Santa on Christmas Eve morning. It’s a great activities to keep them busy during a super exciting time. I wanted to bring this tradition to each of our friends in the easiest way possible so I put together the kits along with my favorite sugar cookie recipe for the to use in years to come. I like to do handmade kits like these for neighbors and family friends each year. Last year we did our Christmas Sundaes boxes. I think they bring a bit of our family to those we love.

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To make the kit, I filled a cardboard box that I got at a shipping store with cookies and a jar of store bought frosting. You can make your own but this container fit in my box perfectly. I then filled 2 piping bags- one with red frosting and white frosting. What’s cookie decorating without decorations? I use chocolate covered pretzel bags to hold with three fun topping. I tucked in a few wooden knives and tied everything up with bakers’ twine and added a few fun printable.





My printables are available here.

Be creative with your box. I wanted to stick to a red and white color theme but there are certainly no rules:) I WOULD LOVE to see what you come up with. Share them on Instagram with the #bloom.



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