S’more Friends Like You

S’more Friends Like You by Bloom Designs Online

S'more Friends Like You

Hey Everyone! YES! Today we are sharing these S’more Friends Like You end of school treats because I am counting the days!!!   I am so excited for summer. People always ask me how crazy it is to have four kids home all summer but to be honest, it is soooooo much easier than the school year.  I am looking forward to some lazy days ahead.  We will definitely miss all of the friends we have made during the school year and my kids always want to take a little year end gifts to celebrate those relationships.  These I Need S’more Friends Like You favors are an inexpensive but yummy treat and who doesn’t love a s’more? I think it’s a great symbol of summer.

S'more Friends Like You

S'more Friends Like You

S'more Friends Like You

To make these little gifts you need,

  • graham crackers
  • chocolate bars
  • jumbo marshmallow
  • container or bag
  • and a cute tag (mine is available below)

There are really no “rules” to making these treats.  Make them as big as you want.  I like to make sure I include enough a complete s’more.  Also, there are many different ways to wrap them up.  Cellophane bags work great!  If you want to get a bit fancier, you can use a plastic box.

TO DOWNLOAD THIS TAG, CLICK HERE. For best result, we recommend printing on bright white card stock using a colored printer. S'more Friends Like You



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