Thanksgiving Turkey Plates

Thanksgiving Turkey Plates Thanksgiving Turkey Plates

Hi Everyone! Today we are sharing a super simple DIY with you. As much as I love hosting Thanksgiving, the stacks and stacks of plate to clean is not pretty. Even though I go all out for birthdays, I am all about keeping holiday celebrations as simply as possible so I can focus on my family. Any short cuts that make that possible are welcome. SO- if you want to cheat a bit a use paper plate, no one here will judge you. While I typically always use real china for dinner, I often pull out paper plates for leftovers and desserts. However, when I went out to purchase some Thanksgiving themed plates, I didn’t find any that really coordinated with the simple gold and white color scheme I am trying to achieve this year. Solutions- Thanksgiving Turkey Plates

Thanksgiving Turkey Plates

What to do? Pull out the Silhouette Machine of course. (IF you don’t have a Silhouette or Cricut, I would definitely put it on your Christmas list. I use it often for parties and crafts and my kids are starting to use it as well for their school projects). Down load a simple turkey from the library or import one from download bought on Etsy. Trace an outline of the image. and cut on gold vinyl. Peel and place on any size paper plate. You can certainly cut these on any color vinyl that fits your Thanksgiving table. Pretty and practical at the same time.

Thanksgiving Turkey Plates

Want to make it even simpler? The decals are available in my ESTY store and can be shipped to you in plenty of time for Thanksgiving.
I am so grateful to have you all here!

Thanksgiving Turkey Plates







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