Olympic Printables

Hi Everyone!  I am reposting these printables that I did for the Summer Olympics a few years ago.  I LOVE the Olympics.  They inspire me to try harder, push farther and follow my dreams.  I am always so moved by the passion, triumph and heart-break.  I am even MORE excited for these Winter Olympics because a girl from my home town who happened to be a student when I taught elementary school is competing!  Kate Hansen will represent our country as part of the Women’s Luge Team.  It is even more of an accomplishment because it barely even rains where we live and it NEVER snows.  I have followed her progress in the local papers and am so proud of her success!  My kids are at the age now where they too are engaged in the competition.  We plan on watching as much of the Olympics as possible!  I’ve designed this set of party printables to get us in the Olympic spirit.

Use the Team USA banner, Olympic party circles and water bottle labels as inspiration for your own party.  To download them, click here and print on bright white card stock from a colored printer.


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