Kid’s Party Food Ideas: Watermelon Shapes

Kid's Party Food: Watermelon Shapes

Want a kid’s party food idea that is healthy and fun? Try these watermelon pops on a boy’s birthday party dessert table. It’s amazing how many giggles the kids have with such a simple idea! Usually there is at least one outgoing kid at a party that likes to clown around. Get one of these in his hand and he’s likely to start a stand-up comedy routine! Once the laughter starts, the other kids will want to join in.

These are so easy to put together. Use watermelon slices that are no more than a ½ to ¾ of an inch thick. I have these three inch cookie cutters that are in the shapes of lips, a moustache and glasses (there’s a plot line for you!). Use the cookie cutters for whatever shapes you want to make and then skewer them with a lollipop stick.

Watermelon Shapes with Cookie Cutters for Kids

For an easy display you can use another piece of melon but if you don’t want to decimate the fruit, use a Styrofoam block. First decorate the edges with ribbon, washi tape or wrapping paper and then just carefully push the sticks in.

Fun with Watermelon Shapes for Kids

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Watermelon Snacks for Kids Birthday Party

Besides the giggle factor, you can feel good that you’re offering a healthy fruit option to party guests. Melon slices can be a little messy for a group setting and I hate taking the time to make enough melon balls for a party. I’ve found these shaped watermelon pops are a terrific time saver and they’re a lot neater for company, especially a group of kids…and that’s something a busy mom can appreciate!

Your turn: what kid’s party food do your kids love?

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