Simple Black and White Dessert Table

black white dessert table

Happy Friday!  I just love this black and white dessert table that is completely made up of store bought treats.

black white dessert table

Things have been so crazy around my new house lately.  From moving, unpacking, finishing construction, planning two birthday parties, four dance recitals, graduation, end of school and three baseball tournaments all in just in the past three weeks, I have not had a second to breathe.  However, I really wanted to mark the end of the school year with a simple dessert table for my children and their friends.  When I received this black cross +plus garland from The Flair Exchange, the inspiration immediately came to me.  Since black and white are my two favorite colors, it was really easy to find a few store-bought treats to fill the table.  When my kids came home and saw the desserts, the Happy Happy Day sign said it all.

black white dessert table

I wanted to share this dessert table to highlight how easy it is to dress up even the simplest items for a fun celebration.  This table took less than 10 minutes to put together.  I just set out Oreos, chocolate covered donuts and Hostess Cupcakes popped into polka dot baking cups.  Of course you can make the desserts yourself but my kids LOVE the store-bought version and I don’t often let them have it.

black white dessert table

black and white dessert table black white dessert table

black white dessert table black white dessert table

It does help if you have a few party item on hand. Stock up on some garland, straws and baking cups in neutral colors for last minute events.  Being prepared eliminates so much stress!

Make sure to visit the Flair Exchange for more fun party supplies.  You can find baking cups and straws here.

Have a great weekend!




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    Now this is what a special dessert table should look like. I love that you kept this really simple ( something a mom could throw together in a spur of the moment situation ), after-all it’s about the moments we’re sharing with our family! Thanks for making us look so good, as always!

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