5 Budget Friendly Party Tips


I am so excited to have my friend Erin from Strawberry Mommycake over today.  She is so talented and puts together amazing parties.  I know you will learn a lot from her valuable advice:)…

Hello! I’m Erin from Strawberry Mommycakes, a party printable shop. I absolutely LOVE throwing parties, but I am usually on a pretty tight budget. I’m going to give you some of my tips for creating a fabulous and fun party, while sticking with your budget.

Budget Friendly Party Tip: DIY

This may be common sense, but many times it’s cheaper to do things your self. There are COUNTLESS tutorials on Pinterest specifically catered to parties. I created the backdrop to my Owl party by painting it blue and sponging on polkadots…easy and it was only about $15. I also made all the food, which ended up being around $12!

Budget Friendly Party Tip: Bargain Shop

My favorite place to go for party supplies is Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby always has some type of sale going on. When I went shopping for my last party, I got every single items on sale for 40% off or more. On the items that weren’t on sale, I used their daily 40% off coupon (also available at Michaels). I waited for weeks for the apothecary jars to go on sale for $10 each…and I’ve used them in 4 parties already! (picture above is from my Chick Flick Party)

Budget Friendly Party Tip: Bargain Shop: Keep an Open Mind

It’s also a good idea to keep an open mind when you bargain shop. The cake stands I used for my Fourth of July Party actually had an owl print on the top and I painted it blue to match the party. Also, check out flea markets and antique stores. These places are full of shelves, bins, wire baskets, cake plates, dishes, etc…anything and everything you need to create a chic party!

Budget Friendly Party Tip: Bargain Shop: Use Printables!

I know, I know…I create and sell printables, but they really spice up a party and they’re really inexpensive. I used printables for everything for my niece’s Fairy tale Princess Party….printable bracelets, necklaces, crowns, coloring pages…you name it, I made a printable for it. There are tons of shops to choose from…including the super talented Jenny from Bloom Designs ;)

Budget Friendly Party Tip: Bargain Shop: Be Creative

I think this is easier for kid parties…you can really use your imagination! For my son’s DinoMite Party, I used graham crackers for sand and made a box out of card stock to place the treats in. I didn’t have to buy any new plates or platters and it ended up being really cute. If you find a party that you love, but don’t have the budget, think of ways you can make it similar without breaking the bank.

Hope you got some ideas for your next party! Be sure to check me out on Facebook and Pinterest for more party inspiration!


THANKS again Erin!




  1. Crystal says

    Great tips!! You’re right about DIYing stuff especially with all the great bloggers and Pinterest. Thanks :)


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