Thank you so much for your interest in submitting to Bloom Designs Online. We are always looking for fresh content that has magnetism, personality, and unique details. We love to see stylish family sessions, unique newborn photos, detailed birthday parties, baby showers and simple family gatherings.

Please keep in mind that we receive a large quantity of submissions on a regular basis, if we elect to pass on your submission please understand that this is not personal. We are only able to publish a small percentage of what we receive and we simply may not have availability in the schedule or your submission may not be the right fit for our blog style & aesthetic. Please know that a “No” does not mean we did not enjoy your submission. We offer our most sincere encouragement in continued submission of your very best work.


• Please include a description of the submission. The more info the better! For portrait sessions, please let us know a little about the people being featured or anything unique about the shoot. For parties and events, please include inspiration details
• Every submission MUST include a complete list of all vendors who participated. Please list the business names and websites of all applicable sources including vendors, decor, props, paper vendors, party supplies, bakers, furniture, clothing, accessories, etc.
• Email submission to 
•Please allow up to 1 weeks for a response.


If you are interested in having your products featured on Bloom Designs, and/or a product giveaway please email us at with a description about your company and a few images of the products you are interested in being featured.


• Submit 20-50 images for portrait sessions
• Submit 25-50 images for family gatherings
• Submit 50-100 images for parties, showers and inspiration shoots
• Images must be 700 pixels wide {from left to right}
• Images must be separated individually {no collages or multi image layouts}
• Images cannot be branded with your logo or watermark
• Please include a complete list of vendor credits


* By submitting to Bloom Designs Online it’s understood that the photographer/designer grants permission for Bloom Designs to publish the photos. Photos may be re-sized, cropped, and laid out at the editors discretion.