Have A Heart Printable

IMG_6069 Hi Everyone!  We are obsessed with all kinds of hearts this time of year.  Who isn’t?  There are so many fun crafts, DIYs, and phrase  with a heart theme that it’s hard to pick one favorite.  I definitely love, these and these. Today we are sharing these Have A Heart printable circles. These circles can be used on so many different Valentine treats even beyond candy.  You can use them as gift tags as well.  There designed to work on gifts for adults as well as kiddos.  Put them on anything that has a heart.

IMG_6094 IMG_6032

You can find heart-shaped candy in lots of different varieties. My favorite are these SweetTart hearts because I love sour candy.  My husband loves these cinnamon hearts. Take a trip down any candy aisle to find your favorite flavor.




To download the black and white printable version, click here.  To download the pink and purple version, click here.  Make sure you have liked our Facebook page. Scroll to Have A Heart.  Choose the color option you would like to use and download to your computer.  Print on full label or sticker sheets using your home printer.  Punch circle out with a 1.5 inch circle cutter.  Peel and stick onto your gifts.


I would love to see how you used these tag use on Instagram @bloomdesignsonline.





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