Thanksgiving Pie Scavenger Hunt

thanksgiving scavenger hunt

Hi Everyone!  This Thanksgiving printable is for the kids. Can’t thing of anything I am more grateful for than my four little ones so I wanted to create something to make their day a little more fun.  One of the best part of Thanksgiving has got to be the pie!  Am I right?  I love that trying several different varieties is actually encouraged. Let your little ones have fun on a scavenger hunt to find all the pie they can.  Our Thankgiving Pie Scavenger Hunt is an easy activity for Thanksgiving Day.

thanksgiving scavenger hunt

thanksgiving scavenger hunt

thanksgiving scavenger hunt

To down load our free, click here.

Scroll down to Pie Scavenger Hunt.

Print game pieces and game cards on a colored printer using bright white card stock .

Hid the game pieces around your yard on even your house if the weather is bad.

Give each child a game card and pencil or crayon.  Turn them loose!  The can check of the pieces they find as they go. TO make the game harder for older kids, have them find the piece in the order they appear on the card reading from left to right.

As always, printables from Bloom Designs can’t be sold or used on items sold in any way.  Thank you.

thanksgiving scavenger hunt

Hope you all enjoy this fun game with your family. I know we can’t wait to play it with our cousins and God sisters and brother!




  1. says

    Sssh. Don’t tell anybody but …. oh, OK you can tell! LOL
    Your post is most viewed at this week’s party! Yipee! It will be featured at our upcoming
    Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop as Most Viewed. Congrats.

    And, I am super blessed too. My preschool class is studying T is for Thanksgiving this week and my little ones just love treasure (scavenger) hunts! We are going to play your game. I wanted something extra special to add to our day and now I have it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    I am now going to take a moment to follow you on social media.
    Many blessings
    Sinea from Ducks ‘n a Row

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