Halloween Cootie Catchers

Halloween Cootie Catcher

Hey Everyone!  Today, I am sharing one of my all time childhood favorite games with you, A Cootie Catcher. My kids would probably say that this is one of their favorites too. Simple fun for a few pennies; for some reason it captures my kids imagination and attention for hours.  I love that you can make it from any old piece of paper BUT of course it would be so much more fun to have a fancy Halloween version.  You can use these Halloween Cootie Catchers as a party activity or even pass them out at Halloween.  One terrific treat almost as sweet as candy!

Halloween Cootie Catcher

Here are the folding instructions.

DOWNLOAD YOU COOTIE CATCHER BY CLICKING HERE. Print and cut into a square. Fold all tips onto the back side center.


Flip Over. Fold tip to the front side center.


Then fold your print in half, both ways.


Open up and write the words under each number.


IMG_5663 copy

Using two hands, place you thumbs and pointer finger under each picture.

Have someone pick a picture – cat, bats, hat or spider. And then open it each direction until you spell out that word.  (HINT:If your child has trouble spelling the words, simply make a little cheat sheet for them.)

Have them pick a number and count it opening it in each direction.

Have them pick a number again and count it opening it in each direction.

Last time – Have them pick a number and look under the number to give them a spooky message.

Halloween Cootie Catcher - the kids are obsessed with these things!! Get the free prints on { lilluna.com }

Fun and simple entertainment.




  1. Lourdes says

    Hi there Jenny,
    I love this but cannot download it. Please check it
    Because my kids are dying to play this!
    Thank you!


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