Neutral Mustache Bash- Friday Feature


Friday Feature is back with the most fabulous Mustache Birthday Party by LUSH Stylist which was founded by Julia Clarke.  Being completely honest, mustache parties can be completely tacky and overdone. I honestly didn’t think I would ever see a mustache party that I really liked until this one!!! I am in love.  Julia has really created the perfect moustache party.  It is refined, reserved and completely tasteful while still be fun . This is my most favorite color scheme for parties. (I bet you thought I was going to say pink)  Black, white and kraft work extremely well for so many party themes.  Every single detail is spot on!  If I had to pick, my favorite details would be the tablescape, chalkboard labels and the paper bags at the sweet candy station.

Julia writes-

This little man was turning into a big boy, so the mustache party was born. My brief was monochromatic and neutrals with a strong focus on mustaches, but and the big but, was I had a week to plan, style, and source everything! And in little NZ that means lots of DIY.

Due to time constraints and the fact that the party was in an office
 meeting room I decided personalized picnic boxes were going to be a great alternative to a food table, with less mess. The great part? These cute picnic boxes really looked the part. Blackboard place mats with hand painted mustaches and giant chalk grounded the table and the small details, although simple really made this cute party come to life. Styling by Lush a Stylists, Signs, Placemats and Bunting made by a Confetti Collection.

Make sure to also visit LUSH Stylist on Facebook and Instagram- the feed is pure eye candy!

Styling by Lush Stylists
Signs, Placemats and Bunting made by Confetti Collection
Photography by Sugar Sugar Photography

Have a great weekend everyone.




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