This Summer Has Been a Blast!


Everyday Party Magazine Summer in Bloom

Hi everyone!  It’s Jessica from Everyday Party Magazine, and I am so excited to be here sharing a fun free printable tag I made.  This summer has truly been a blast, and we are planning to have a few of our friends and the boys’ friends over to celebrate the last little bit of summer.  I can’t send anyone home empty handed, so I made these cute little tags and tied them to inexpensive water guns.  This summer has been a blast!

Everyday Party Magazine Summer in Bloom

We have been stuck inside for the last two weeks because of terrible rain storms, so the boys have helped cut all the tags out, and tied them on the the water guns with a little bit of baker’s twine.  It was a good activity to keep them busy and get them excited about our upcoming party!

The water guns are from Target and came in a three pack for less than $2.

To add a little more fun, we also filled a few buckets with gum ball machine capsules full of water balloons to have at the party!

Everyday Party Magazine Summer in Bloom

I bought a bunch of gum ball machine capsules last year, and I save the kids’ when they get them too.  Everyone loves getting a special treat in those capsules, even the adults!

Everyday Party Magazine Summer in Bloom

I hope your Summer Has Been a Blast too!  And to help you celebrate and savor those last few carefree days, I am sharing the free printable with you! Please only use them for personal use.

Download your free printable Summer Has Been a Blast tag here.


About Jessica:

Jessica is the founder and editor-in-chief of Everyday Party Magazine. As far back as high school she’s loved to throw elaborate parties, even hosting and designing her Junior/Senior prom! After her sons were born, she went back to her party love and now designs immersive, themed parties. Check out her designs today to help inspire the bash of your dreams!

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