This is Juicy


Hey everyone! I am so excited to share a brand new party theme coming to Bloom. These Feeling Fruity? Let’s Get Juicy invitations were for my sweet Hillary’s 12th birthday that we just had over the weekend. The girls had such a great time and all of them said this was their favorite theme to date which is so totally cute! I am editing the photos this week and will be sharing the party soon but for some sneak peeks, pop on over to our Instagram feed.



In some other juicy Bloom news:) Summer is officially over for us.  My kids have been back at school for two weeks now and this party last weekend was kind of like our final hoorah.  Summer was amazing but so hectic- we had baseball tournament team games and practice every weekend for much of the summer (and my hubby was the coach), two getaways (that I won’t really call vacations although we all had a blast), dance competitions, recitals and three trips to the emergency room and three days in the hospital in the last six weeks.  I am so looking forward to settling back into Bloom to make and bake into fall.



This theme will be up on our blog and Etsy store in a few weeks along with my sister’s baby shower that I hosted.  Her baby boy arrived Saturday!  Can’t wait to snuggle with the little guy.   IMG_4147

Hope you all have a great week.  Lots of new stuff on the way.





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