Chocolate Strawberry Stuffed Donuts

Chocolate Strawberry Stuffed Donuts

Hi Everyone!  Miss me?  My site was down for a few day for some technical reason that I don’t understand but luckily someone else does:)  It was honestly a tad weird being wiped away from the internet but I can’t remember the last time I laid in bed two nights in a row watching TV.   That was a nice break. So… I wanted to celebrate being back up and running by sharing amazing treat- these chocolate strawberry stuffed donuts.  Think of them as a chocolate covered strawberry but a thousand times better.  They are a variation the berry stuffed donuts we shared a few weeks back.  These are my newest obsessions and yours too I’m sure once you try them. I mean chocolate, strawberries and donuts what could be better?

Chocolate Strawberry Stuffed Donuts
Chocolate Strawberry Stuffed Donuts


  • Homemade whipped cream- my recipe found here
  • Fresh strawberries washed and stems removed.  Sprinkle on 1/2 cup of sugar per 4 cups of berries.   Mix together gently and set aside.
  • Chocolate raised donuts cut in half horizontally
  • Chocolate sauce for drizzling (optional but fancy)

Chocolate Strawberry Stuffed Donuts


Scoop strawberries onto the bottom half of the donut, top with the other half of the donut, add whipped cream and drizzle with chocolate.  All set to enjoy.

Chocolate Strawberry Stuffed Donuts




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    Um, whaaat??? These look so amazingly delicious that I just had to comment and say that I really wish I could just eat these out of the screen. Way to go!

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