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Happy Friday.  Today we are sharing an amazing Adventures of Hudson’s 6th Birthday Party styled by Jenny Keller of Jenny Cookies for her son’s birthday.  Jenny is the ultimate party stylist.  You may remember we shared Jenny’s Favorite Things Christmas Party a few weeks back.  Jenny does the most incredible job creating a mood for each party.  This Huckleberry Finn inspired party really make you feel like you are part of the book.  It is almost magical.  I love all the rustic detail in the dessert table, the use of old tins for serving and pretty much everything else!  This party is perfect for any young boy.

Jenny Cookies writes:

Hudson is one million percent boy, known to spend the majority of his days outside, blazing trails on our property, hunting bugs, building forts and swampin’ in our pond. By the end of the day, this child is covered from head to toe in dirt… and I have a white porcelain tub to prove it.

When it came time to choose a theme for his 6th birthday party, I wanted something that was really “Hudson”.  He isn’t a kid infatuated with super heroes, trucks, or building Legos, in fact, he’s always been our challenge when birthday or Christmas shopping rolls around because frankly, he doesn’t really play with toys.  He just wants to be outside.  So to celebrate his big day, we threw him an Adventures of Hudson birthday party with all things Hudson. Fishing, trail blazing, hunting and camping, all in our very own backyard.

While baking for Hudson’s party, I decided against the usual sugar cookies and cupcakes.  They just didn’t fit the theme.  I wanted rustic and outdoorsy so I baked homestyle cookies tied in twine, wrapped smore’s kits in fabric scraps, no bake cookies, pb cracker cookies, and ordered mini pies from my girlfriend’s adorable pie shop The Snohomish Pie Company. The pb cracker cookies and acorn donuts sat inside an old tin box I found at a vintage market.  (Recipes for both found in my book Eat More Dessert)


Our “Crockett Coon Camp” had raccoon hats for each child.  The boys were thrilled with these hats, the girls…not so much.To set up Hudson’s camp, I used three BE Little You and Me teepees and attached feathers to the poles and laid blankets inside for the kids.  Big hit with the littles.  These teepees are SO easy to set up and incredibly versatile for boys or girls!

Even though we couldn’t fish, I still had a bait shop for the kids, aka candy bar.  I had found this old garden bench for next to nothing at a vintage shop nearby that was perfect for the “bait”.  Filled with gummy worms, frogs, swedish fish, and eggs, the kids LOVED filling their tackle boxes.

Photography: KCB Photography

Pretty much the perfect way to spend your birthday.  I would love to be there right now.

For more photos and details from this party, click over to Jenny Cookies.  THANKS so much to Jenny for sharing this party with us.  Make sure to follow Jenny on Instagram and visit her blog for more party ideas.  If you would like to be featured, check out our submissions guideline.




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