Trick or Treat, Something Sweet

trick or treat

Hello! I am so happy to share these Trick or Treat, Something Sweet tags with you.  Do you feel like you are always taking little treats here or there during Halloween?  I sure do.  Since I do a lot of baking during the fall, I wanted a cute way to wrap up my little sweets. I made the tags extra long so that they could work on all types of wrapping.  I folded one over a baking box filled with cupcakes.  You can also cut the tag in half and tie it to a cellophane bag filled with treats.  Donuts are a favorite of mine because they are substantial but inexpensive.

trick or treat trick or treat

Don’t want to bake or would rather not give food?  No worries.  These tags work just as well on any gift.  Here I folded them over bitty bags.  Really, aren’t presents always sweet?

trick or treat trick or treat

To download the free tag, click here.

Print on bright white card stock or on full label sheet depending on your wrapping using a black and white or colored printer. Cut out and attach to your treat. TIP- black and white copies at a print shop only costs a few cents.  If you have one close by and depending on how many you need, it may be worth having them print this for you and saving your toner.

What are you going to wrap up? Instagram a photo with the #bloom and share it with us:)




  1. Lily says

    Hello Jenny! I’m having trouble downloading these tags. Would it be possible for you to send me a copy? Thank you!!!


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