You Rule Candy Rolls

you rule

Hi Everyone!  I was so excited by the You Rule Gum Ball Tubes I shared here last week that I want to find another use for the tags.  I think the sentiment is so sweet.  After poking around the candy aisle and changing the ruler a bit, this is what I came up with.   The tags work perfectly with your favorite roll of candy.  I am not sure which version I love more and my family is split.  Which one is your favorite?  Leave a comment or pin your pick!

you rule

You need:

  •  The ruler and tag printable, click here. Print on bright white card stock for best results.
  • A roll of candy.  I used Rolos (my favorite) but life saver or any other similar shaped candy would work
  • Baker’s twine (available here) or other ribbon to attach tag you rule

Cut out your printable. The length and width of the ruler will vary slightly depending upon which type of candy you choose.  I have left the ruler longer and wider than you will need to make sure it fits.  Trim an equal amount off of both sides so the numbers are in the middle. Secure the ruler around your roll of candy using double sided tape.  Sign and then attach the tag.

you rule

It is such a sweet way to start school!




  1. Terri says

    Love these! Just made them for my girls’ classes, only used fun size Kit-Kats! It made them more flat, like real rulers. :)


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