Summer Sun Macarons

h’lo BLOOM DESIGN readers!

i’m Lisa from hoopla palooza and i’m  sooooo stoked to be here as a guest poster for Jenny’s  Summer in Bloom Series!

i blog about lots of fun food and craft stuff and right now it looks like we are officially in mid-summer status.

the sun is beaming, the kids are sweating,  and the moms are beating their heads trying to find ways to entertain the kids.

well this post is not about entertaining, but it is about treats.

summer treats! yahoo!

hey wait, i guess this falls into the entertaining category eh?

anyway, let’s begin. 1a-summer-sun-macarons-steps-hooplapalooza i know, i know.  macarons you say?

but what about the scale thing? and the egg temperature thing? and the almond flour coarseness thing? and the i didn’t let the shell form on them before i baked them thing?

and the…and the…and the…


all these things are what i was afraid of as well when i first started on my macaron adventure.

but i just followed martha’s recipe to a T and i mean

TO.  A.  T.

that did not have a scale involved or a specialty almond flour or anything special really, as surprising as that may seem for martha, but it really does work, at least for me.

so i made these: 2a-summer-sun-macarons-shape-fill-hooplapalooza i used the same lemon filling that i made when i made my mommy macarons last year cuz mmmm if that’s enough reason for ya.

i had some batter left over so i made 4 circle ones er…somewhat circle ones and then decorated them with a food marker.

3a-summer-sun-macarons-summer-sayings-hooplapalooza and i decorated my suns too. 4a-summer-sun-macarons-summer-here-comes-the-sun-hooplapalooza can i tell you how easy it is to use food markers on these?

my markers never behaved as well as they do when you draw on macarons! and it doesn’t matter what brand you use cuz i have a bunch of different kinds and they all work the best on macarons. (take it from someone who has tried to draw on fudge, candy melts, marshmallows, and well, you get the picture).  but if you must know, i used americolor brand for these.

here are some more suns. 5a-summer-sun-macarons-summer-hello-sunshine-hooplapalooza 6a-summer-sun-macarons-summer-happy-summer-hooplapalooza 7a-summer-sun-macarons-summer-fun-hooplapalooza now if you notice, because i haphazardly on purpose made the rays different on each cookie, the rays do not match up.  i did that on purpose so the macarons would have a 3-d effect of their rays. 8a-summer-sun-macarons-sunny-skies-hooplapalooza is that enough sun for you?

imagine if we had no sun… 9a-summer-sun-macarons-no-sun-hooplapalooza oh what a sad day that would be!

 but sometimes the sun does this, where it’s kinda too much sun. 9b-summer-sun-macarons-too-much-sun-hooplapalooza whoa nellie!

grab your sunglasses! 9d-summer-sun-macarons-title-hooplapalooza there ya go. summer sun.

just right.


it’s been a BLAST!

here’s to sunny days throughout the year for all!

signature   Lisa@hooplapalooza Lisa is a full time RN who is a wife and mom of 2 who have waaay too many treats in the kitchen because of her.  her blog, hoopla palooza is jam packed full of seriously fun tutorials for merry making food and crafts.  so if you’re looking for sophistication and proper stuff, you sure ain’t gonna find it there-which is all the more fun!

you can connect with Lisa at:

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