Root Beer Boats


I’m Alexis from Jaco’lyn Murphy Designs and it is so great to be here.


My family loves Root Beer Floats and

I’ve got a simple and fun way to give them a Summer Nautical flair.


Why not make

Root Beer Boats?



Card stock triangles tied on with ribbon instantly make

Sailboat Straws…

and vanilla popsicles get a little “fishy”

 I like fudgesicle in mine,

with a Lifesaver, just in case I get into trouble…

Then pour…

securedownload-23 securedownload-22 securedownload-21

and dunk…

(fishing for your candy is an extra bonus!)



I hope the rest of your summer is

Smooth Sailin’!

Alexis is a blogger, mother, party enthusiast and recipe lover who’s motto is,

“Let’s have Fun”

Join her on Jaco’lyn Murphy Designs

(named after her 2 children, Jack and Carolyn)

where she shares

simple and special ways to celebrate every event and every day.

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