Golf Cupcakes and Sports Parties

golf party

Hi Everyone!  I am finally recovered from the Derby and will share all the fun stuff with you tomorrow!  I wanted to share these easy golf themed cupcakes with you to get you thinking about summer parties.  Sports, whether it be in general or a specific one, are a great party theme and are easy to work with.  Since most ball are round the graphics and motifs are simple.  Look at all the round objects around you that you can turn into a ball- paper lanterns, paper plates, balloons or  gum balls.  Remember my Strikes and Staches Party or my Let’s Play Ball Party.

bowling party




Sports themed parties and great for boys OR girls.  For a girl, try alternating the color scheme a bit to make it more feminine.  I love the idea of a pink and red softball party, a powder puff football game or a preppy golf or tennis party.

For these golf cupcakes, simple bake your favorite cupcakes and frost with green tinted frosting. Roll in green sprinkles to make grass.  Stick on a white gum ball for a golf ball.  Print off a number on your computer and cut into a long diamond.  Wrap around a paper stick. You can do this even with the most basic baking skill:).

golf party

This same idea can be used on a cake.

golf party


Ready to play!?!?




  1. Katharine says

    Hi Jenny,
    I am having a sports party for my son and I would love to get the little shirt that Luke is wearing above. Would you share where you found it? Thank you so much! (The concession stand is also adorable!)

    • Jenny says

      Thanks Katharine- That was from a local print shop that is now out of business. IF you take the photo to a silkscreens they should be able to set it up for you

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