Make It Monday- Heart Shaped Crayons


Hi Everyone! Happy Monday. Guess what my kids are giving their classmates for Valentine’s Day? Crayons in all shapes are available everywhere online. I thought they would be great to make for Valentine’s Day and if you have a bunch of broken crayons, this is the perfect project. My kids were very excited to participate in this project. They peeled the wrappers of the crayons and came up with their own color combinations.

heart crayons 0001YY

The one special item you need for this project is a heart-shaped silicone mold. I found this mold by Wilton in the baking section of my local cake store but last year I actually found one at Target in the dollar bin. Just keep your eyes open. The molds are available in a lot of places. You can do these in any shape.

To Make: Peel crayons and break to fit into your mold. Fill the mold to the top. The crayons will melt down so you need to really fill up each heart.


Bake at 350 for about 5 minutes or until crayons are melted. Let the mold set until crayon hardens. Gently pop out of the mold.



Wrap and make someone happy. Make them in one color tone or rainbow!

heart crayons heart crayons heart crayons Adorable tags coming later this week!(of course:)) Off to a great week. XO, Jenny


  1. Janet says

    I did this with a snowflake mold for Christmas. They were a hit! I used old broken crayons which was great for recycling. I thought it used a lot of crayons though but it was a fun project with my family to break and peel crayons on a snowy day. Have a beautiful day! We are watching the snow fall.

  2. Melissa says

    So fun for the kids to do for their friends. Thanks Jenny!
    ps: since we already have a flower shaped mold at home, we are going to use it :) Hoping your cute tags aren’s specific to using a heart mold…


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