Audrey’s Favorite Things Party By Bloom: Sneak Peek

Hi Everyone.  Happy Friday.  Totally love this 80 degree weather in So. Cal but all the winds have given me a horrible headache.  I was going to share my daughter Audrey’s 12th birthday from November with you  but I will have to do it next Friday.  It’s hard for me to focus.  Until then here is a sneak peek of our Audrey’s Favorite Thing Party.

Here is her invite in her favorite color, pink,  of course.  I made the envelope liner out of  a list of her favorite things that she complied.  I was actually proud of her for suggesting that the envelope should be out of brown paper tied with string (the song from her favorite movie- Sound of Music) Thus, pink , white and brown kraft paper became our color scheme.


We had it at her favorite place, my husband’s family beach house in November. Here is a photo of the yard. Do you see some of her favorite things?

IMG_5821 Lots of details and the full story next week.

Have an amazing weekend!





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