Make It Monday 2014 Party Favors

new years favor

Hi Everyone!- Can you believe the 2014 is almost here!  We had such a fabulous holiday weekend full of celebration.  Can’t wait to continue the fun into 2014.  These chocolate 2014 Party Favors are a great little gift to give your guest as they toast the new year.  I always forget how easy chocolate molds are to use.  You can get them in any shape and melting candies are available in every color, so let you imagination run wild.  Make sure to wrap them up in a creative way.  I printed a simple chevron print card on heavy duty paper and then stuck it all into a cellophane bag. The candies will hold in a cool place if they are wrapped tight for several days so no last minute stress.

new years favor

To make,  you need

  • melting candies
  • number mold (available here and most baking supply stores)


Melt chocolate in microwave stirring every 20 seconds until smooth.

Pour into mold, giggle until the chocolate fills the cavity and then scrap excess with a flat edge.


Let set in refrigerator until hard. Pop out of mold and use a sharp knife to trim off any excess chocolate.


new years favor

Easy peasy but fancy at the same time.

Off to a jolly week.





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