Friday Feature- Preppy Tie Party

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party23 copy

To say that I am in love with this Preppy Tie Party from Paige Simple Studio would be an understatement.  This party has so many well planned and adorable details.  Preppy parties are my favorite.  I love the navy and pink color scheme, the clean, simple graphics on all of the printables and all of the little creative extras.  Not a detail is overlooked.  Kristin Austin of Paige Simple Studio  is obviously incredibly talented.

Kristin writes:

My initial inspiration for this party was based on a family tradition. My grandfather’s family’s obsession with neck ties! At every family event they bring neck ties and everyone has to casually wear one, really, you have to! They are also used as decorations. While I’m not exactly sure where this tradition originated, it’s been present for as long as I can remember.

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party24 copy

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party17 copy

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party15 copy

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party38 copy

I also re-labeled all of the beer, water, and juice that was served. It’s amazing how much re-branding products can give a party a cohesive feel. There are no competing colors and everything looks like it belongs. I think this is something I will definitely be doing going forward because it really does make a huge impact on the overall look of the event. The labels that were used on the beer, water, and juice are available here.

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party35 copy

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party8 copy

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party6 copy

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party47 copy

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party29 copy

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party25 copy

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party20 copy

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party19 copy

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party18 copy

Each child received an activity kit that was filled with a notepad, bow tie shaped crayons, bubbles, and chalk. The kits were made with navy blue kraft gable boxes and labeled with printable labels that I designed to coordinate with the party and were printed on matte-finish label paper

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party10 copy

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party14 copy

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party13 copy

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party12 copy

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party3 copy

Paige Simple Preppy Tie Party2 copy

Thanks so much Kristin for sharing!  For more details about this party make sure to visit Paige Simple Studio. If you have a party you would like featured, send your submissions to


– Invitations, Printables, and Party Styling: Paige Simple Studio
– Photography: CapturedNH
– Custom Painted Wooden Spoons: One Stylish Party
– Custom Galvanized Tubs: Wandering Starfish
– Custom Sign Decals: Ten23Designs
– Flowers: Lotus Floral Designs
– Fondants Cupcake & Cake Toppers: Sugar High Inc.
– Cookies: Lizy B Bakes
– Chocolate Covered Oreos: Sweeties by Kim
– Chocolate Covered Pretzels: Bubbas Sweets
– Macarons & Cupcakes: Sophisticakes
– Cake: Creative Cakes by Debby
– Wreath: Sweet Georgia Sweet
– Misc. Party Supplies: PartyOn! Designs & The TomKat Studio
– Photo Year Book: Shutterfly
– Cornhole Board: Victory Tailgate

Have a great weekend




    • Jenny says

      THanks Katie- I had actually planned something else that didn’t work. I love when I have to scramble and it comes out better


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