All Eyes on Halloween


It seems that everywhere I look this year there are eyes.  I love this Halloween trend!  I’m sure it was inspired by the Monsters University movie and it is perfect for Halloween.  I have seen gum ball eyes, gummy eyes, sugar eyes, googly eyes, you name it.  The best part about it is that they are easy to work with.  Simply add eyes to any solid color (cups, plates, bottles,  icing, etc.)  and you have created a monster.  These monsters work great with any color scheme so let your imagine run wild.  I hope this trend continues for a while!


Here I have made quick and easy cupcakes using a small round piping tip and purple icing.  I added sugar eyes for Michael’s and instant monster cupcakes.  I love the addition of the sign.

halloween eyes

For these, I just repackaged a box of gummy eyeballs from Target and added the cute topper.


The download the topper/tag click here.  Print on bright white card stock.  Cut in half to use as a sign and attach to a lollipop stick or fold in half to use as a topper.  The back of the topper has a place to sign your name.  Wouldn’t these make great classroom treats!?!?




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