My Home in Bloom

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to share the progress of our home with you.  When I last shared at the end of month one, we were here.

IMG_0101 This week marks the end of month three of construction and we are almost done with framing!  It has been a super busy week.  We ordered the fireplaces and started building the frames for those.  We are starting heating and air, our septic system and audio-visual (half of which I  don’t even understand but apparently you can get a 600 disc dvd player)  I have been finalizing cabinet drawings and have to pick out electrical and plumbing fixtures by Friday (EEK!) I was totally surprised that I had to have these decisions this soon so it has been a week of research and decisions.  Luckily, our home is going to be VERY traditional so it gives me a great direction.



This first floor framing took 4 days. It was crazy how fast our framers were.


We left on a Wednesday afternoon and the house looked like the photo above.  On Saturday, 3 days later, We came home to…




Future home of Bloom…


Have you ever built a home or remodeled?  What was your toughest decision?




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    Yes we have built a home, it took 10 months and during that time we lived in a 30′ travel trailer on the property, with our two kids that were 5 and 10!! NOT easy and by the end we all were more than happy to sell that trailer :) We did alot of the work ourselves and subed out some. The hardest decisions were finding what I wanted and envisioned but still staying within a budget. We did some compromising but it turned out fine. Of course there are things we would do differently if we did it again but we have no desire to take that road any time soon :) Good luck with yours and have fun, my hubby and I say we can do anything now since we made it through building a home together!

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    We just finished building and moved in April 2013! The toughest decision for us was choosing the paint color for my daughters room. She loves pink but pink walls with all of her pink accessories would have been too much for me! We settled on Benjamin Moore Sweet Bluette (she is 3 and helped pick!) and we are loving it! I can’t wait to see how your home looks when it is complete!

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