Friday Feature- Pirate and Mermaid Party

AA Twins Dessert Table - 5

I am so excited to share this week’s Friday feature with you for three reasons: 1. It is the first party that I have seen with some my printables used (treasure hunt cards) 2. I love this theme so much that I even used it for Luke and Charlotte’s 5th birthday  and 3. It is TOTALLY  amazing.  I absolutely adore everything about it.  Mom Courtney did an incredible job styling this party for her twins’ fourth birthday.  My favorite things include the embroidery hoops used for the backdrop, the adorable fondant toppers and the party hats.

AA Twins Treasure Hunt

Courtney writes…

Inspired by Sarah Jane’s fabric line “Out to Sea” – I combined my son’s love of pirates with my daughter’s obsession with mermaids for their fourth birthday party. AA 2 Hats


The highlight of the dessert table was Arty McGoo’s Liz Adams’ handpainted cookies replicating the sweet designs featured on the fabric. Fondant spy glasses and mermaid tails adorned cupcakes and a school of fish swam around the pirate and mermaid who sat atop the cake. Cake pops were topped with fondant pirate hats and starfish.

AA Twins Pirate Cookies - 6 -

AA Twins Cake - 8 -

AA Twins Cupcakes - 7 -

AA Twins Cake Pops - 12 -

AA 2 Chocolate Lollipops


At the party table, each pirate was outfitted with his hat and eye patch – along with a spy glass and compass to help him hunt for treasure. A fabric treasure map helped guide the mermaids – who each donned a felt tail, ribbon crown and starfish wand.

AA 2 Colored Jars

AA Twins Costumes - 9-

AA Twins Party Table - 14 -

AA Twins Pirate Ships

AA Twins Fabric Maps -13 -

AA Twins Girl Place Setting - 11 -

AA Twins Boy Place Setting - 10 -

AA 2 Milk Bottles

Activities included launching cannon balls (newspaper balls covered in black duct tape) through port holes of wooden ships at approaching pirates; creating messages in a bottle; pinning the tail on the mermaid and the parrot on the pirate; and of course hunting and digging for treasure.

AA 2 Pin the Tail on Mermaid-1

AA 2 Digging for Treasure

AA Twins Message in Bottle - 2 -

For more pirate and mermaid printables click here




Chocolate Lollipops:


Personalized Canvas Bags:

Colored Mason Jars:

Pirate Eye Patches:

Compass Place Cards:

Spy Glasses:



LOVE! Thanks so much Courtney for sharing this with us.  If you would like to be featured on Bloom send your submission to

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