Make It Monday- Just Chill part 2

just chill lemonade

Looking for an even easier way to use the Just Chill this Summer Tags that I shared this morning? Tie one around a handful of ice pops or Otter Pops.  I have never met a kid who didn’t like these frozen juice treats.  They totally scream summer.  My kids would eat these all day long if I let them.   I bought a HUGE box of them at Target for under $5.00- enough to last us for months.  Why not make a big basket of these cute treats and hand them out to friends all summer?  Your guests will surely remember their visit.

 otter pops

To get your free tag, hop over to our Just Chill Lemonade post by clicking here. The tags come in four different colors so make sure to pick the one that matches your pops the best. Simply print from your color printer onto bright white card stock.

This is an exciting day for my little family.  The foundation for the new house that we are building is being poured in the morning and then framing will start.  This has been a super busy construction month for us.  I will share a personal post on our home building progress soon.




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