Make It Monday- Balloon Tassels

balloon tassel I can’t get enough of the 36 inch balloons you have been seeing at a lot of parties.  I just used 12 of them at my son’s birthday this past weekend.  You can make an even greater impact with these balloons by tying a tassel to the bottom.

You need:

  • an 8 foot metallic foil door curtain found at most party stores
  • lots of ribbon, beads, etc. to match the colors of your party
  • a one inch metal ring
  • tape
  • 36 inch balloon found here

balloon tassel

Start but cutting the door curtain in half width wise.  You will be able to make 2 tassels with one curtain.

Cut off the top edge of the curtain just below the seam.

balloon tassel

Fold the curtain over one inch and continue down the length of the curtain. Tape together.

balloon tassel

Fold the top edge of the curtain over the ring and secure with tape.

balloon tassel

Thread though ribbon, garland, anything fun.  Lengths can vary.

balloon tassel

Thread the knot of the balloon through the ring and secure well with the string tied to the balloon.

balloon tassel balloon tassel

They just scream party!  They really add a lot to the festivities.


Speaking of Luke’s party…despite spraining my ankle while running to turn off the sprinkles that went all over my stuff:), the boys had an amazing time.

One more party this weekend to prep for- Charlotte’s seventh birthday. Off to a super busy and fun week. Thanks for popping in.


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