Make It Monday- Easter Bunny Food

Easter Bunny Food is a great Make It Monday for your children!  Let them help you put this together since absolutely nothing can go wrong.  Package up a big handful of the mixture (I used these little plastic boxes available here) and share this fun food with your neighbors and little friends.  You can also use cellophane bags, plastic tubes, baby food jars, really anything.  Sprinkle the mix on your yard the night before Easter to attract and feed the Bunny. We do a similar thing at Christmas with reindeer food:)


You need (this “recipe” is very adaptable)

oatmeal, sprinkle, glitter, and candy pearls

easter bunny food4 easter bunny food5

Mix all ingredients. Package and tie on a ribbon and tag. The tag is available for free download here.

I am getting ready for a BIG trip this weekend!  You will never guess where we are going to bloom.  I will be sharing on Friday but make sure to follow me on  Instagram as I will be sharing behind the scenes photos during my trip. Off to a great week.




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