Make It Monday- Chocolate Easter Bunny Cards


chocolate easter bunny


We have the best cake store just a few blocks from my house.  I am there weekly looking for inspiration and new ideas.  When I saw a chocolate bunny mold, I immediately thought of the adorable chocolate bunny jars by Martha Stewart that I shared from my pinterest board last week.  Immediately I knew I had to make some.  The chocolate bunny is such a traditional Easter element and I wanted to make sure my kids associated it with our Easter celebrations.  I decided to make a little Easter card and tied the bunny to it.  I know my kids will love them, as do I!

chocolate easter bunny



You need melting chocolate

chocolate mold

printable card download available here for non personalize and here for personalized

bakers twine


Melt chocolate and pour in mold.  Tap gently to fill. Scrap off excess.  Put in refrigerator to set.  Print card.  Lay chocolate on top of card.  Using a safety pin. poke to holes where you want to attach the chocolate with ribbon.  String ribbon through and tie chocolate on.  Package in glassine envelope if desired.
chocolate easter bunny chocolate easter bunny



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