Mistletoes and Pinterest

Christmas Weekend! I don’t know about you but my to do list this weekend is filled with enough of baking, wrapping and celebrating to last me until next Christmas! That being said, I thought I would leave you with a quick and easy party favor or mini gift. This is
one of my favorite ideas for the holidays that I found on Pinterst. Usually I don’t share things that I haven’t come up with but this was way too cute to skip. The tag is mine and I happy to share that. You can download it here.

And, if your one of the lucky ones that has finished everything and can just sit and enjoy the season, spend some time on my Christmas Pinterest Board which you can view here. It filled with plenty of projects to keep you busy this weekend.   Make sure to follow me on Pinterest here

Congratulations to Mailee Lor for winning our Merry, Merry Giveaway! Thanks to everyone for entering.  I just got the most incredible news yesterday. Can’t wait to share soon!

The merriest to you!



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