Trim A Tree- Party by Bloom

Silly me.  I realized today that I never shared the Trim A Tree themed party I hosted last year for my girls and a few of their BFF’s.  Since it was an all girls party I wanted to use a soft, pastel color theme with pink as the predominate color.  It was whimsical, pretty and magical.  As always I like to look back at old parties that I’ve hosted and see how my tastes/style has changed.  What do I still love?  The Marshmallow stick and the candy cones. However, I definitely feel that the table is a bit crowded for my tastes now.  I should have edited more so that there are more quiet places for the eye to rest.  Also, although this background is cute, now I prefer using a more simple graphic design.  The memories of the party remain the same .

The girls had a fun time make decorations for the tree.  Each received a tree t-shirt to “work” in and a personalized lunch box filled with craft supplies.


The entire printable collection including invitations, labels, toppers, water bottle wraps, believe banner are available in my Etsy store.


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    Just precious! I love the melted snow. You did a great job! I am following you, so I can come back and check out some other parties! Thanks for linking up on Super Sweet Saturday.

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