Tiny Details

How are you!? I am busy, busy working on a party for my little one, Hillary.  Her party theme so sweet and almost yummy.  It reminds me of an ice cream flavor.  I have been doing lots of web surfing trying to find some fresh party ideas.   I am excited to share these tiny details that I just love.  
Mini Banner in Backyard Pixie Hallow Tinker Bell Party- Mini banners are adorable and to me, so personal- they whisper rather than scream.  Use them to make areas of your party a bit more special.
Pirate Pops from Red and White Stripe Pirate Party- Aren’t these pops cute?  Marshmallow are a great blank slate for lots of creativity.
Angry Bird Cookies from Angry Bird Party- LOVE that these adorable cookies are made from simple circles.  They look modern, graphic and totally.  Also, since my cookies always spread beyond recognition, circles are always a safe option.  (So cute- my son just came in and asked who made these- he thinks they’re “cool”)
Brown Bear Party Theme from Brown Bear Guest Feature- GREAT party theme.  Who doesn’t know the brown bear, brown bear what do you see text from Eric Carle’s book?   Even if you don’t have kids, I’m sure you’ll remember this story from your childhood.  There are so many wonderful ways to expand this theme.  Look at my rainbow pinterest board and adapt the colors to the animals in the book.  Best of all- this is the only party I have seen with this theme, so make it your own!


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