Lollipops and Lemonade

Since today in National Lollipop Day (thanks Heather!), I thought it would be the perfect time  to share a lollipop and lemonade party that I did last weekend for twins.

The focal point of the party was a lemonade stand.  Do you recognize it?  I had built a farm stand from a tutorial on Lil Luna for a previous party (apple of my eye) and decided repaint it in this party’s lemon yellow and hot pink color scheme.  The stand was filled with lemon desserts including pink lemonade cupcakes decorated with a gumball lollipop, lemon pudding pots, lemon meringue shots, and lemonade cookie stacks.  Guest could also treat themselves to mini donuts, salt-water taffy and of course lollipops.  Each twin had their own cake, so that they could blow out their own candles. Huge 36” balloons lined the backyard.

The lemonade and lollipop collection available here includes everything from invitations to banners, food labels, straw flags, thank you tags and more.  You can find the bubble gum tubes, balloons, bags, and straws here!
Have a great weekend!



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