Make It Monday- Party Bunting

Happy Monday! I love this bunting and have seen variations of it used at many parties.  It is an amazingly simple to make and extremely versatile.  This bunting can be done in any size, length or color.  I really can’t think of a party it wouldn’t work.  Even better, after a quick lesson, my 10 year old daughter and her BFF made this for me.  I’m sure you could find some little hands willing to help!

Different fabrics- as many as you would like to use in as many colors you would like to use.
Ribbon- long enough to cover your space.  If you want the bunting to drape, make sure you account for that in your measurement.

Cut into strips.  Mine were roughly 2 inches each wide.  You will need the length to be roughly 2 times the desired finished length plus 3 inches (for the knot). 

Leave enough ribbon on one end to tie your bunting onto a table or nail.  Fold the bunting in half.  Place it under the ribbon.

Pull the loose ends of the fabric over the ribbon and through the loop.

 Pull taunt but not tight.

Continue on moving the streamers closer together as necessary and trim any lenghts that look funny.

You still have time to make it for your Easter table!
Thanks for participating in the giveaways last week.  All winners will be announced on Friday!  Have a great week.



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