Happy Friday- Bunny Tails

 Try as I might, I couldn’t let Easter go by without a gum ball tube idea.  I love these tubes because no matter what how you fill ‘em, they just scream “cute.”  Of course, any white round objects in a bag could pass as bunny tails.


To download your free bunny tails tag, click here. Print on bright white  heavy paper for best results using your colored printer.  Use a 2 inch punch to make circles.

Get those creative ideas hopping.  By the way, these tubes are available in my store along with a lot of other new party items.

Hope you have some green fun tomorrow! Look at the amazing St. Patrick’s Day tubes made by Jamie at My Baking Addiction.  I was so excited when she order them because I knew the tubes would be fabulous and they are.  Her coworkers are so lucky!

 Did you get a chance to see the rainbow gumball tubes I did  for Ucreate with a “pot of gold?”  Great for St. Patrick’s Day and a rainbow themed party!  Same guidline apply for this tag.

Hope you’re lucky this weekend!


  1. says

    Saw you on I Heart Naptime and just joined! I would really love the rainbow tags for my daughters birthday party, coming up. If I can request two awesome printables, I would love the bunny tails as well. My class would get a kick out these!

  2. says

    Love these! Would love to have a copy of your bunny tails printable. I just joined your FB and Pinterest pages, as well as a subscriber of your blog! Thanks! Misingyu2 at G mail

  3. Anonymous says

    You have the most adorable stuff….would love To have the tags for bunny tails AND the tag for the rainbow tubes!

    And Bunny Bait too! Please!

    I will head over to your store and order the tubes!


  4. Anonymous says

    Hi there! I would love to be able to print the bunny tail tags. This is an awesome idea for easter gifts for my little one’s class! My email is brineye@ecu.edu. Can you email those to me? Thank you so very much!!!

  5. says

    I’m an email recipient and just signed up to follow you on Pinterest.
    Not sure if you still will email some tags but I’d like the Bunny Tails.
    Now I also have to ask if you could share where to get these plastic tubes?
    Thanks and I love what you all do.
    Here is my email…. yxelyxel @ gmail. com (no spaces)

  6. Rebecca says

    I just joined your website! WIll you please send me your bunny tails tag. I am hosting a party on Friday. Thanks!


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