Make It Monday- Valentine Peeps

Did you think I’d let a holiday pass without a peep project?;)  LOVE the heart peeps for Valentine’s Day.  
This simple project is perfect to do with your kids.  It’s easy, fun, and oh so cute!  I did two different peep versions.  Choose the one you like the best.  If you would like the tag with your child’s name on it, I am happy to send it to you if you are a bloom follower (if you’re not, you can join down the right sidebar of my blog).  Once your a member, send me an email with your email address and child’s name.
Supplies: Heart Peeps, lollipop sticks, cardstock, cellophane bags ribbon, heart punch (or you can cut your own hearts), glue and scissors.
Stick your lollipop sticks through side of the peeps if you’re doing arrows or through the bottom if you’re doing hearts on a stick.
For the arrows, use the punch to make hearts or cut them yourself.  Cut the sides off the heart to make the back of the arrow.  Glue them on.

 Drop in a bag with a tag and ribbon! All done and adorable.


And while we’re talking about tags- narrow ribbon=small punch, wide ribbon=big punch.  Using the proper size punch will make your product look more professional.  Punches come in all sizes at the craft store and are pretty reasonable.  Stock up on a few different sizes when they are on sale.
Back tomorrow!


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