Advent Calendar Posters

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Hey Everyone!  Are you ready for Christmas season?!?!  Without a doubt, one of my two favorite traditions was doing an advent calendar every year (decorating cookies is the other).  My Advent Calendar was a felt banner with a Christmas tree that I  pinned on ornaments.  I still remember how I planned, replanned and strategized the BEST way to fill in the calendar each year. I wanted it to look just perfect.

advent calendar

My kids love this tradition also!  With four kids though,  I had to come up with a few ways to countdown to Christmas so I put together these two Advent Calendar Posters.  Bigger is always better when it comes to Christmas, right:) You can print these posters for a few dollars at your local printers.  I think it would be so fun for a toddler to have a life size calendar!

advent calendar

Just color in one number or picture a day starting December 1.

advent calendar

To print our free advent calendar posters, click here and choose either advent calendar numbers or advent calendar icons. Forward the download to your local printer.  Have it printed as a 24″x36″ engineering blueprint (you can do this at any copy place or office supply store) and it only cost about $3. This is a much less expensive way to make a huge black and white print than having a poster made.

advent calendar

REMEMBER: All of Bloom Designs Oline’s free printable are for personal use only and can’t be sold or used on anything sold in anyway.

I’m leaving both of these up in my office. I would love to know which design you like best!  Please pin your favorite.

advent calendar

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Lots of holiday happens to get ready for at my house and maybe even a visit to Santa.





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